How to buy fresh oysters directly from the producer in Bouzigues

I’m all about fresh local ingredients so when we were in the south of France, I absolutely had to visit Bouzigues to buy the town’s famous oysters and have a picnic on the beach. We didn’t have a plan of… Continue Reading

Why Tanjung Aru Beach in Malaysia has the most phenomenal sunset in the world

Tanjung Aru Beach in Kota Kinabalu, the most phenomenal sunset in the world (or at least SE Asia)? Here me out. I have good reason for this gushing statement that puts this humble location on a pedestal. One must think… Continue Reading

Top tips for shopping heaven: Chatuchak Market, Bangkok!

I have been dying to write this “top tips” post about Chatuchak Market for the longest time. Not weeks or months, but years. From the very first time I hit the stalls shopping at Chatuchak Market, in Bangkok, Thailand, I… Continue Reading

Turn thin low porosity type 4 natural hair into glam curls

  Call me smug because I am. It took me a lot and I mean hours of trial and error to achieve this glam wavy curl on my type 4 hair. I’ve seen other naturals with this loose curl and… Continue Reading

Adventures in hair: My natural hairstory, style inspiration and how I went from hating my hair to loving it!

This is my hair story. It is a journey through trends, styles, major fails and finally learning to care for and love my natural hair. Everyone has their own hair story and I would love to hear your experiences so… Continue Reading

Day out: Wiesbaden Museum

I decided to beat the rain and go for a day out at Wiesbaden Museum, which I found out exhibits some super cool pieces by popular contemporary artists. They had works by Thomas Bayrle, Eva Hesse, Winston Roeth, Mark Rothko… Continue Reading

Perfect picnics in Paris

Picnics in Paris was my latest adventure. See below for my Youtube video and anecdote about the delightful eats we had ­čÖé I have to begin this story not in Paris but in Gran Canaria. I was in a cheap… Continue Reading

Cycling Bavaria with the boyfriend

Cycling Bavaria, in Germany with the boyfriend. The lowest point went something like this: “I’m tired!” “No don’t stop! “But I’m tired…” “You can stop when we get to the top of this hill. You have to deserve your rests.”… Continue Reading

The ulitmate tip in budget dining in Germany

Germany can be an expensive place to eat out in, especially Frankfurt, which is multicultural bussiness city with high-priced restaurants and wine bars. I love to head off the beaten track into the nearby Rheingau region where local wine producers… Continue Reading

Must-do in Germany: Buying wine and liqueur at the fruit farm :)

Hey guys. I have been trying out video productions of my adventures! I thought you might like to see a German fruit farm. It’s called an obsthof and it’s a really great way to experience German culture and local specialities… Continue Reading