Songkran water festival in Thailand is just one month away!

  Check out my feature on how to survive Songkran – one of the world’s craziest parties. I wrote this one for Jetstar Asia inflight magazine for all those people heading to the festival and in need of travel hacks… Continue Reading

I’m all excited about the Luminale 2016 light exhibition all over Frankfurt this week

I only heard about this light/art at night event while I was scrolling through checking out who and what was happening in Frankfurt. I saw a photography group were meeting up at Luminale 2016 and as always were ready… Continue Reading

Snow picnics and frolics – embrace the winter in Germany

We were heading to Frankfurt Zoo and ended up up a snowy mountain… Continue Reading

The German felsenmeer – it’s rock climbing but not as you know it..

It was a sunny day so my boyfriend Mario suggested we go climbing on rocks… I thought he was getting confused with his English (being German) so I said “Don’t you mean rock climbing?” It turned out that he actually… Continue Reading

How to eat fresh and local in Gran Canaria – the foodie adventure!

Go on a foodie adventure in Gran Canaria Continue Reading

My well planned day trip in Gran Canaria was an epic fail! Here’s what happened…

The night before the ‘ill fated trip’ I checked the map of and found a route through the pretty towns of Arucas and Firgas and on to the highlight, which was a picnic in the forest beside the famous natural… Continue Reading

I got it wrong, you don’t have to be rich to relocate for the winter

Being a digital nomad in Gran Canaria Continue Reading

Travel to Tuscany and discover the anti-ageing benefits of red grapes and bathe in wine

Happy New Year adventurers. Sorry I haven’t posted over Christmas and New Year, it has been so hectic with hosting my boyfriend Mario’s family in Germany on Christmas Eve and then flying off to the UK the next day to… Continue Reading