A decent bite to eat in Florence, Italy


Being the capital city of Tuscany, Florence has more restaurants than you could ever get your head around. It’s a touristy city with prices to match, which is fair enough but we wanted to eat great quality traditional Italian food and just couldn’t decide where to go, until we found the Central Market hall which does all the decision making for you.

The Central Market is open 365 days a week from 10am to one minute past midnight.

I love the food court. All of the stalls are run by artisanal traders, who have been verified for good quality, and there is about one stall for each type of dish to avoid confusion.

Pizza, seafood, cured meats, pasta, fruits and vegetables, wine, ice cream and desserts are served quickly because it is super busy here.

It also has a cookery bookstore, kitchenware boutique, piano and a calendar of events. The whole place is buzzing, good quality and fairly priced.

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