Have you seen the Kostas Murkudis exhibition?


It was a freezing cold day in Frankfurt so I headed out in the snow with my camera to the Museum of Modern Art 2 (MMK2) partly because I had to get out of the house and partly because it was the last Saturday of the month and most museums in Frankfurt, including this one, are free to visit. I had no idea what I would find. Now I love fashion. I love designers. To me they are the best artists in the world. I can gaze at creations by McQueen, Westwood and Lagerfeld all day long. This day, I was in for a treat. MMK2 is showing At Close Range, a Kostas Murkudis exhibition, until Valentine’s Day next year.

mmk2 4

MMK2 5

MMK2 1

I felt like I was looking at a modern art exhibition. Murkudis is one of the most important designers in Germany. He’s not what one would call ‘commercial’. You won’t hear some glamour puss talking loudly about how she can’t wait to get her hands on his signature blah blah blah. Murkudis has been experimenting with fashion independent of the industry’s obsession with shopping and shows for a long time. He donated two fashion lines to MMK2 in 2013.

MMK2 3

At Close Range is an exhibition of many different mediums and artists. Video installations, sound curtains, photography, mood boards, curiosities, paintings and installations all in a minimalist setting. The list of artists on show read like a who’s who in contemporary art; Japanese artist Nobuyoshi Arakisuch, French painter Yves Klein, German painter and photographer Sigmar Polke, experimental filmmaker and musician Tony Conrad, Italian painter Piero Manzoni, Americn painter Morris Louis, German painter Blinky Palermo, US artist and musician Steven Parrino, US artist Robert Longo, German photographer Juergen Teller and German artist Franz Erhard Walther.

I snapped Jack Goldstein’s Suite of Nine 7-Inch Records.

MMK2 6

And then I got arty with me piccies!

MMK2 7

The pieces from Murkudis’ spring summer 2009 -11 collection looked as if they were being worn by ghosts.

MMK2 12

MMK2 11

I walked in between and got up real close to examine the fabrics and the way they were manipulated to create the pieces in the 2012-14 autumn/winter collections.

MMK2 13

Snapshots from Murkudis’ picture archive on the wall reflected in the glass case where more of the pictures were displayed.

MMK2 15

Murkudis is a modern artist come fashion designer or the other way around…He produces objects like glass baseball bats and collects keepsakes on shelves. Yet still he has worked with Pringle of Scotland and Closed.

I popped my head around a walled-off corner and found flourescent tubes and purple hues coming from a creation by New York artist Dan Flavin.

MMK2 14

The sun came out in the city so I went for a walk around towards the bridge.


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