Indulge in very naughty treats at a German Xmas market.

Yay! It’s Christmas Market time in Germany and that means time to spoil yourself rotten.



If you are going to the markets this season you absolutely have to try these yummy snacks and drinks.


Rudesheim Market2 adventureswithbea

Ladies and gentlemen (not boys and girls) let me introduce to you my new favourite tipple of the festive season….gluhwein!

Basicall it’s hot wine with added spice. Yes, yes in the UK people glug down mulled wine too but as I explored the stalls of Rudesheim Christmas Market and the Romantic Christmas Market in Bad Münster am Stein-Ebernburg – both very quaint – I was impressed with the creative adaptations…ahem hot cocktails!! My favourite was an apple gluhwein with rum. For the sake of research I sampled quite a few. I tasted a hot chocolate with chocolate liqueur and rum, a red gluhwein, a white gluhwein with vodka and a blueberry gluhwein.

The weather was freezing. It was so cold I couldn’t feel my hands but after a few of these babies, I was certainly feeling a warm fuzz 😉



Next up on my list is another boozy favourite in Germany. I can actually say I have never come across so many flavours of liqueur anywhere else in the world in comparison to the types I’ve seen and tasted here.

Tasty liquor at romantic Christmas Market in Germany

From woodruff to sour cherry. If you can think of the flavour it’s usually available.

On to sweet treats..

chocolate tools at romantic Christmas Market in Germany

Chocolate tools for the man in your life. They were so real looking, I had to try one to make sure they weren’t metal!

chocolate waffle on a stick mmm adventureswithbea

Ahh yes. Simple yet affective. I hail the person who covered a waffle in chocolate and put it on a stick.

So you may be thinking that I just went to a couple of Christmas Markets, drank booze and ate chocolate…

You’d be wrong. I also bought Ani the cat a Santa hat.

Annie in a Santa hat

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