10 things for a perfect day in Merano

Ever since my first visit last summer, I’ve had a massive crush on Merano. This town in northern Italy has everything I love: stylish boutiques, chic street cafes, thermal baths, a beautiful town theatre and a super elegant promenade where musicians play live music. It has a movie set feel. Men inĀ moustaches chill out with immaculately turned out ladies. I always put a little extra thought into my holiday wardrobe when Merano is in the mix.

So here’s the list.

1o things for a perfect day in Merano.



  1. Hang out at one of the many cafes and do some people watching. The world here is a catwalk, especially on Passer Promenade.


2. Listen to some of the best muscians in the world perform on the streets as well in various locations including Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle (below), Merano Theatre and Tyrol Castle.



Merano 9

3. Take an Aperol spritz before going for a walk along the Gilf Promenade. This walk is gorgeous. The promenade overlooks the Passirio River, which is very pretty, and there are cute cafes along the way.

Merano Gilf Promenade


4. Seek out art and gorgeous architechture everywhere. Merano is home to Asfaltart, the International Street Art Festival, which takes place in October 2016.


Merano architecture1

Merano architecture

Merano 10

5. Go for a walk and discover intresting sights down narrow streets. Merano has a network of walks throughout the city so get a map and explore.

Merano finds


6. Cycle around town and up past St Nicholas Church to the Roman Bridge. Meran has tons of cycle routes for relaxed and mountain biking. Hire a bike from Sud Tirol Rad and be on your way.

Merano my crush adventureswithbea

7. Be like a local and stop at the water fountain for refreshment because Merano is famous for its super high quality drinking water that comes directly from the springs. There are 69 fountain points to choose from.





Merano Friday market adventureswithbea

8. Buy local ham, cheese and vegetables at the Friday market.


Merano crush

9. …And then have a picnic by the river Pessirio before heading to the Thermal Spa Centre opposite.



merano shopping 2

Splurge at the Portici Arcade. It is one of the most beautiful places for a bit of boutique and designer shopping.

Merano shopping







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