Why at 35 my only ambition is to do the splits by age 40

I remember the first time I ever attempted yoga. I was sat in my living room trying to relax with my legs crossed but I was so out of shape my knees were closer to my ears than the floor and my hip muscles hurt.

My priority in life was my ‘so called career’ so I worked day and night and through lunch breaks to climb an illusionary ladder. I had a great job, which I almost forgot to enjoy, and an aching neck from long hours working at a desk. I also had no patience and a tendency to binge drink at the weekend.

That, however, was not the beginning of my yoga journey but more like the beginning of getting fit again. I gave up the yoga out of boredom and frustration and took up Zumba, which I loved. Then came kickboxing and after that, while in Thailand, I learnt to love yoga.



Yoga reminds us to take time for ourselves and that, even when it doesn’t seem so, there are enough minutes in the day.

It doesn’t leave out a single part of oneself – mind, body and soul get stretched, strengthened and balanced.

It gives us patience to learn poses, improve balance and empty our minds and in turn to learn new things, understand the people around us and relax.

Yoga has taught me to listen to my body. I know what it needs and when. I listen to people more too and understand their needs.


Yoga reminds me that challenges are fun and not to be feared.

It makes me really look at the beauty in this world and appreciate what I have.

I am amazed how my body is continually becoming more flexible, strong and healthy as I get older.


Yoga is a free gift. You can share it with people you care about as well as complete strangers. I love heading to Youtube for Lesley Fightmaster’s Fightmaster Yoga channel (click here) for her awesome sessions.

When I lived in Thailand I took my yoga instruction in Thai at a community sports place in Chatuchak Park. I was the only foreigner yet I understood and laughed and joked with the other yoga lovers, even though we didn’t speak the same language.

Abena crane

Most of all yoga has taught me that it is never too late to learn or do anything. One does not need to be an expert or have talent to join in. Just enjoying yoga teaches us to enjoy life.

So I realise that when you have yoga everything else will follow. My first priorities are no longer my emails but my stretches. I am excited when I rest my head on my knees and I am looking forward to one day doing the splits.

I build my life on a foundation of a happy and healthy self and I know now that everything else will follow.

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