Hi, my name’s Abena but everyone calls me Bea. I started this blog because I realised that I am building my bucketlist back to front! I’m not organised enough to write a list of amazing experiences and then tick them off one at a time but I am crazy enough to say yes to any opportunity that comes my way.  It’s my life rule, another is to have at least one adventure every week whether it be learning something new, visiting somewhere, trying out something or meeting someone.

Why? There are many reasons: Happiness, creating good memories, feeling motivated, making new friends, laughing a lot, growing as a person, looking forward to the future and also living in the moment.

So come join me. Let me inspire your travels and adventures.

Who am I?


Four years ago I quit my job and set off to Thailand with a dream of teaching children under the shade of the coconut palm tree. I actually ended up having an absolute blast living and teaching adults English in Bangkok. When I wasn’t in the classroom with my students, who I LOVED, I was travelling around SE Asia eating everything, partying hard, trying new things and also writing about luxury holidays for magazines. Lush.

Two and half years into this life of awesomeness I came down with a serious case of the love bug when I met my boyfriend, Mario, on Railay Beach in Krabi, Thailand, (he calls me his treasure from Railay Beach) and this led to another massive life change. I moved to Germany to be with him! Yes, I left the sunshine and easy life for the unknown. I didn’t even speak German.

The adventure continues… I am learning German and, by default, Mario is perfecting his English. Together we explore the world and also cook up a storm in the kitchen.


I have serious wanderlust and am always planning a trip somewhere. I’ve been to 25 countries on four different continents and counting! I’m an expert on Thailand and Europe and, like you, I’m learning many amazing things about different cultures and the exciting things one can do on this beautiful planet.


I think my sense of adventure comes from being lucky enough to have had a dream job. In England I lived in the home counties and worked as a journalist for a big newsgroup for 11 years. I edited a luxury lifestyle magazine, which taught me so much and took me to some of the most fabulous gorgeous places on earth.


I’m of Jamaican/Antiguan descent, I love wearing my hair natural and I also love a good weave (can’t stand chemicals though). I am always surprised at how few black people I meet while travelling but also super excited when I do meet another person of colour.


Gazing at art, laughing at life, cooking mountains of food, foraging in the countryside, shopping at markets, giving gifts, styling outfits, reading on planes, tasting wine, coconut oil massages, stand up comedy, learning languages, dancing anywhere, Beyonce, singing karaoke, swimming with tropical fish, getting naked, Marcia Griffiths, cuddles with Annie the cat, early mornings, sunset yoga, homemade facemasks, crazy busy cities, Zadie Smith, green smoothies, watching fashion shows, massive Afros, kicking the shit out of a punchbag, crying at movies, any kind of festival, the blues, feeling fear, long hot baths, spicy food, high heels, Gogglebox, Facebook, GQ Magazine, cycling everywhere, gummy bears and curried goat.

Life is a series of adventures. The more you have the happier you feel. It’s something I’ve learnt from having so many awesome ones already.

So join me and get inspiration for new things to do everyday.

And remember…”You only live once but if you do it right, once is enough.” Mae West.

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So, what shall we do today?

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