Adventure at home: photography

Getting up in the morning is an ordinary part of my day and my routine. I don’t even think about it after I’ve done it but today, as I crawled out from under my duvet at 6.30am, I was thinking about Vivian Maier’s street photography and Tracey Emin’s bed. I unthinkingly picked up my camera and went on a mini adventure in the one place I thought adventures impossible. Home.


bathroom befunky


Annie the cat finds me as soon as I leave the bedroom. She usually wants me to watch her eat her food. I used to think she wanted feeding but would always find her bowl full. She’d look at me, meow and then start eating and I would stand there wondering ‘why did you bring me here when you have food?’

annie1 befunky

Every morning Annie follows me around the apartment while I tidy up.

She’s very naughty when Mario isn’t home. This is when she relishes getting up on the furniture.

annie chrom bw befunky

annie bw4twice bfunky

Annie loves my work station and we have a constant battle over who gets to drink my water.

annie bw1




Everything is still at 6.45am. Inside, the lights are on because it’s dark outside. It’s the best time to write, research, photograph and think. I feel like the first person in the office because the neighbourhood streets are deserted.

chest bw2crop

workspace bw befunky





The lake by the house is so sad looking on this autumn morning.

lake befunky

A woman walked her dog with a glow stick around its neck so it didn’t get lost in the dim dawn light.




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